Asheville residents know that the small towns outside the big city are just as picturesque as their own hometown. The mountains of North Carolina are littered with a number of small towns, each offering their own unique woodsy charm. If you’re considering moving to Asheville, or if you’ve recently moved, then one such town you’re sure to love is Black Mountain. As you’d expect, this small stop is nestled in the foothills of Black Mountain, but despite its small size, there’s quite a lot to do. It’s the perfect day-trip destination or weekend getaway, whether you’re just visiting or if you’ve lived in Asheville your whole life! To help you decide what to check out on your next trip to Black Mountain, here’s a list of our favorite places to eat, drink, shop, and explore:

Black Mountain’s Best Places to Eat

Just like Asheville, Black Mountain is definitely a foodie’s dream destination. The town is home to three breweries and more than 30 restaurants, and is especially well-known for their amazing pizza joints. Start your day at one of Black Mountain’s top rated cafes, like Louise’s Kitchen, where brunch is king. If you’re not a breakfast person, then stop into the Dripolator Coffeehouse for a quality cuppa joe.


After a long morning walking through the numerous boutiques and art galleries in downtown Black Mountain, it’ll be time to choose a lunch destination! Though all the restaurants downtown have awesome offerings, our favorites are Veranda Cafe & Gifts, where you can get a quality sandwich with locally-sourced ingredients, and Trail Head Restaurant & Bar, your best option for classic pub fare and a boozy lunch. The burgers are killer, especially when paired with your favorite local brew.


For dinner, you’ll definitely want to check out a pizza place. Black Mountain offers a variety of top-notch pizza joints, but My Father’s Pizza is likely the most famous. Their classic, homestyle pizza is just the kind of comfort food you’re looking for. And if you’re going out for drinks after dinner, make sure to hit up the Pisgah Brewing Company. They offer a rotating seasonal brew menu, as well as year-round staples like their crisp Pale Ale. If craft brews aren’t your fave, but you’re still looking for local flavor, then Black Mountain Ciderworks + Meadery might be more your speed. They serve their own cider and mead brews for a unique taste of NC!


Finally, you can’t leave Black Mountain without stopping in at least one bakery. They’re scattered throughout the downtown area, but our favorite is Hey Hey Cupcake, hands down. You won’t find cupcake flavor combinations like theirs anywhere else – Black Mountain Cup-uccino and Bonita Margarita being two of the most notable.

Explore Black Mountain Arts and Culture

If you’re spending the day in Black Mountain, be sure to check out their numerous galleries and craft stores. The town is full of small shops and boutiques that offer a variety of Appalachian style crafts and handmade art. Two notable stops are Seven Sisters Craft Gallery, which spans several store fronts, and Mountain Nest Gallery, which features handmade art capturing the natural beauty of North Carolina mountains. If you’re into furniture, then Tyson Furniture Company is another great stop. The store spans an entire block, and is chock full of furniture of all shapes and sizes.


If you’d like to take in a bit of music or entertainment, then you might want to grab tickets to a show at White Horse Black Mountain. This venue offers a variety of events, from puppeteers to musical entertainment, so be sure to check their calendar before you head to Black Mountain. If you plan on being in town in mid-August, then you’ll want to check out the Sourwood Festival. It’s an outdoor street festival that features local musicians, artists, and delicious local food options.

Get Outdoors!

Just like Asheville, Black Mountain is an ideal spot to get outside and explore the beauty of the mountain setting around you. If you’re downtown, you might take a short stroll through the well-lit trail that winds around Tomahawk Lake after dinner. Or, if you’d like to spend more of your day outdoors, know that there are a ton of hiking and biking trails that start in Black Mountain and wind around the mountains just outside of town.


A few miles out of town, you’ll find Craggy Gardens, which is the perfect spot to stop and explore, whether you’re an avid hiker or just looking for a place to picnic. They have all sorts of walking trails that lead to picnic areas, as well as a variety of plants and flowers to check out on your way. Black Mountain is perfectly located for access to a variety of unique outdoor destinations, so be sure to pull out your map before you head out.


When you live in Asheville, there are all kinds of towns like Black Mountain waiting to be explored just minutes away! If you’ve been considering moving to Asheville, then be sure to check out High Hickory, a sustainable mountain community looking for residents now! For more information about our beautiful properties, be sure to get in touch by phone at 866-936-5263 or contact us online today!