Winter in Asheville, NC is just around the corner. While the city itself will probably only get a moderate amount of snow, you never can quite predict mountain winters. Some years we get feet of snow, and others just a few inches. Regardless of how much snow we get, now is the perfect time to prep your home for the coming chilly months. Here are a few tips to make sure this winter goes smoothly for you and your Asheville home:

Bring in outdoor furniture

The first thing to do this fall is to bring in your patio or porch furniture. Heavy rain and snowfall can damage any furniture, causing rust and deterioration of cloth coverings and cushions. If you have outdoor furniture that’s made of heavy hardwood, that will last the winter just fine, but everything else you’ll want to bring in. Also, if you have any furniture that’s relatively light, even if it is wood, you’ll want to bring that in too. Winter weather can bring some gusty winds, and you won’t want to have to retrieve your patio furniture from your neighbor’s yard.

Turn of outdoor water lines

Water in pipes and hoses over the winter will freeze and burst your pipes, so take extra care to turn off the water to any outdoor spigots, and then drain and bring in any hoses. If you have an outdoor irrigation system, you’ll want to drain that too. Any watering system you’re not going to use consistently throughout the winter should be bone dry and put away before the first snow falls. Otherwise, you risk major water damage in the spring.  

Clean gutters

While it’s not a glamorous task, it is one that we all have to do this fall. Cleaning out the gutters is the worst, but it’s the only way to protect your home from nasty winter side effects like ice dams. If gutters aren’t cleared, ice and water will build up in them over the winter, causing ice dams, or letting water flow over the side of your gutters and on to your home’s siding. In the winter this can be especially bad, as that water will likely freeze and crack the siding. That’s an expensive repair that can easily be avoided by simply cleaning out the gutters before snow falls.

Repair roof leaks

Your roof is one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to preparing a home for winter. Be sure to thoroughly inspect your roof sometime this fall. While you don’t necessarily need to get up there, you should at least give it a careful look through a quality pair of binoculars. If you see any curled up or missing shingles, give your local roofer a quick call. It’s also a good idea to inspect the roof from the attic, where you can see if there are any leaks or holes peeking through. The last thing you want in the middle of a freezing winter is to realize that snow and water are coming into your home through your roof. It’s an expensive repair at that point, and it also makes your home very energy inefficient, which means you’re spending more money on heating your home. Avoid the problem altogether by simply inspecting your roof this fall, or calling a roofing professional to inspect it for you.

Cut looming branches

In the same vein, it’s a good idea to cut any overhanging branches that might threaten your home later in the season. Winter snow can put extra weight on already heavy branches, and when they fall, you don’t want your home to be in the way. If you’re not comfortable taking the branches down yourself, or they seem awfully high up, don’t be afraid to call a professional. There are plenty of people in Asheville who offer tree and branch trimming services for a modest price.

Reverse your fans

This one might seem a bit odd, but if your fans reverse, then set them to run clockwise through the winter. This creates a slight updraft, which pulls up heavier cool air, and pushes down hot air, keeping your home as toasty as possible, without you having to keep cranking the heater up.

Seal up leaks

Once you’ve figured out how to get warm air circulating through your home, you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping it in! Be sure to caulk around windows and replace weather stripping around doors to make sure your home is sealed up tight for the winter months. This will help ensure you’re not wasting money on heat that’s escaping, and it will prevent drafts from occurring in your home. This will keep your family safe and toasty warm all winter long!

Be prepared

Winter in the mountains can be unpredictable. While the city of Asheville usually enjoys mild temps through the winter, if you live farther up in the mountains, snow-ins aren’t unheard of. It’s a good idea to make sure you’re always prepared by keeping things like a flashlight, blankets, candles, matches, bottled water, and some non-perishables on hand. Sometimes it takes snowplows a bit longer to get through those mountain passes, and you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for those snowy days.


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