Asheville NC is known for a lot of things: craft beer, awesome hiking, and some killer eats. But the one thing that makes Asheville truly a destination is the gorgeous natural spaces that surround the city. From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the rivers, streams, and waterfalls that make up our corner of the world, you can’t beat the great outdoors in Asheville. One of the most popular ways to get outdoors in Asheville is fishing! If you’re in the area for a visit and want to experience life like a local, you can’t beat a fishing trip. Here are some of our favorite ways to experience the best fishing in Asheville:

Float Trips

If you’re looking for a relaxing way to get into fishing this summer, you can’t beat a guided float trip. Offered by a number of local fishing guides, float trips allow you to see a great deal of the beautiful waterways surrounding Asheville, and guides are able to put you right on top of some of the hottest fishing holes in the area. You float comfortably on a raft, canoe, or kayak, while guides do the paddling and bring along a packed lunch. For an easy way to experience Asheville fly fishing, float trips are a peaceful, stress-free option, where you can learn a bit more about fishing from an experienced guide.

Wading Trips

For the more avid angler, wading trips an awesome Asheville fishing experience. While you’ll still have access to an experienced guide, your fishing experience will be a bit more hands-on than a float trip, as you’ll be casting from the water yourself, getting a real feel for the rivers you fish in. A great way to interact with the beautiful outdoor spaces Asheville has to offer, guided wading trips put you right in the middle of everything, and you also get amazing chances at some trophy-size fish.


Whether you’re a well-seasoned angler, or you’re already familiar with Asheville’s outdoor spaces, simply heading out to the closest river can be just as fun if you’re not interested in a guided trip. So long as you have a permit to fish, and you abide by each rivers’ catch-and-release or keep policies, you can fish most areas of the majority of rivers in the Asheville area. A few of our favorite fishing spots include:

Davidson River

Davidson River has been a local and tourist favorite fishing spot for years, which means you’ll almost always bump into other anglers while you’re out. That said, Davidson is home to some of the largest trout populations in the area. Trophy rainbow and brown trout call Davidson home, and make for an exciting fishing trip no matter what spot of the river you choose. Most of the river is catch-and-release, and there are plenty of fish no matter how many people are on the water.

French Broad River

One of Asheville’s most popular rivers, the French Broad River snakes lazily through downtown, offering scenic views of the town as well as a fun fishing experience. It’s a great spot for a self-guided float trip, but you can also fish from the banks so long as you’ve got the proper fishing license. Full of trout and even a few Musky, you never know what you might catch on the French Broad River.

Newberry Creek

Newberry Creek is best known for its stunning scenery, but it’s also an awesome river for brook and brown trout. Its pristine waters make it easy to see potential big catches in the stream, and the nature around Newberry Creek make the trip well worth it even if you don’t see a single fish. Though Newberry can get crowded in the summertime, there are more than enough fish to go around.


Whether you plan on hiring a guide or taking a fishing trip on your own, Asheville, NC is definitely the place to do it. Right in the middle of multiple national forests and parks, there’s plenty of land and water to explore, and well-stocked rivers mean you’ll never leave without seeing at least a few big ones. And if Asheville has captured your angler’s heart, know that there are plenty of opportunities to live here! High Hickory is a sustainable, mountain living community full of like-minded residents who appreciate the beautiful natural spaces that Asheville, NC has to offer. To learn more about our community, give our office a call at 866-936-5263, check out our gallery online, or request more information online today!