If you’ve ever considered living or purchasing land in the mountains, you’ve probably heard a number of things. Some people will say mountains are too far away from cities and nightlife. Others will say that land in the mountains offers an uncommon opportunity to connect with the natural world. Since the mountains of North Carolina are home to us, we might be a little biased, but we can’t help feeling that life in the mountains is unlike anything else. For those of you wondering about the benefits of purchasing land in the mountains, here are just eight of the most compelling:


NC Mountain Land Is Increasing in Value

Land is in demand. Mountain land is a good investment, especially in areas like Asheville, where land and housing costs are so much lower than in big cities. As other areas of the country become overcrowded and more expensive to live in, it’s increasingly attractive to own a large, peaceful mountain lot. So far, the Asheville housing market has yet to taper off, so if you’re interested in mountain land, you might want to move quickly.


Our Mountains Offer Mild Temperatures

People usually associate mountain living with piles and piles of snow, cold weather, and long winters. In the mountains of North Carolina, that’s just not true. Here, mountain land offers a relatively mild climate, and though you might get a bit of snow in the winter, our southern location keeps you largely insulated from extreme cold or heat.


Outstanding Views and Proximity to Civilization

Another benefit of mountain land in North Carolina is the proximity to civilization. When you live here, you might be up in the mountains where it feels like the worries of the cities are miles away, but downtown Asheville and other towns are just minutes away. In that way, you get the benefit of both locations — the convenience of civilization as well as the peace, quiet, and beauty of a true mountain home.


Opportunity for Wildlife Preservation

When you purchase mountain land, you then have an opportunity to preserve it. As we mentioned, pristine land is in demand, and there are plenty of people who aren’t concerned about the implications our homes and cities have for local wildlife. When you purchase a mountain lot, especially in a development or community that values wildlife preservation and sustainable building solutions, it’s within your power to preserve that land, and develop the space with the utmost care for the surrounding environment.


Grow a Garden

One huge benefit a mountain lot offers over a space in a city or suburb is the ability to cultivate a large garden that actually produces. Whether you’ve always hoped to start a community garden, or simply love growing your own fruits and vegetables, there’s no place better than the mountains. Here, rain and sunshine are plentiful, and with a milder climate, you don’t have to worry about excessive heat damaging your plants.


Outdoor Recreation

Mountain living puts you right in the middle of nearly every outdoor recreation activity you can think of. From biking and hiking to kayaking, cross country skiing, and camping, when you live on mountain land, all of that is waiting for you just outside your door. At the High Hickory mountain living community, our residents have exclusive access to our 150-acre nature preserve, which is crisscrossed with miles of trails perfect for any outdoor recreation activity you prefer.



Education is a benefit of mountain land that many don’t consider. Whether you have kids or grandkids or just want to learn a bit about the natural world yourself, most mountain land, especially here in North Carolina, is untouched and offers a beautiful outdoor classroom you won’t find anywhere else.

Learn about the different natural and invasive species that live in your own backyard, help your kids identify the birds that frequent your backyard birdfeeder, or let little ones observe first-hand the effects of changing seasons on the trees around your home. Mountain land makes for a beautiful, energizing educational space that allows for a bit of a technology break.


Build a Property That Suits You and The Land

When you own your own lot in the mountains, it’s yours to build however suits you. Here at High Hickory, we love our mountain lots because we’re able to build homes and properties that flow into the landscape. If you’ve always dreamed of a home that’s uniquely your own, a custom mountain home is a great option. You can build a home that’s specific to your lifestyle, while still melting seamlessly into the mountain land around you.


There are so many benefits to mountain land, they really can’t be limited to just eight. This is a good starting point, but to really experience the benefits of the mountains for yourself, you’ll just have to get out there! If you’re considering buying mountain land, whether for the peace and quiet, the beautiful views, the proximity to nature and wildlife, or for some other reason, look no further than the available lots at High Hickory.

Beautiful, secluded, peaceful lots just minutes from downtown Asheville, our sustainable mountain community feels like a true retreat from the bustle of the city. Request more info about our available mountain lots online today, or give our office a call at 866-936-5263 to learn more.