North Carolina is quickly becoming a popular destination for Americans from all corners of the country. Our mild weather, beautiful mountainous landscape, and fun, laidback cities like Asheville make NC a great choice for families and retirees alike. But if you’re considering moving to NC, what should you know about purchasing land? Whether you’re new to the state or new to the Asheville area, here are 5 things to know about lots for sale in NC:

1. Start With Clear Goals For Your NC Lot

Before you even start looking for lots for sale in NC, know what you’re going to build. A home? A home with a large garage? Are you planning on keeping chickens or bees? It’s important to be clear about your goals before you start looking, so you know you’re getting everything you want from your NC lot. 

If you’re considering purchasing a lot inside a planned community or development, it will be easier to go through the buying process, but it’s still important to know what you want, so you can make sure the communities you’re looking at offer those features.

2. Consider Hiring  A Professional To Help You Navigate Through the Lot Purchasing Process

Purchasing a lot for sale isn’t always as easy as it sounds. If you’re planning to purchase your lot outside a housing development for a residential home, there are a lot of hoops to jump through. You’ll have to find the right lot, then you’ll likely have to have it inspected and surveyed, and even perform environmental tests to make sure it’s safe to live on and around. 

A real estate professional with experience in the purchase and sale of NC lots and land is always a good idea. Someone with experience will be able to help you navigate through all of those hoops with relative ease, and can ensure you don’t miss any critical steps or any red flags during the purchasing process. 

3. Make Sure You Know How Your Land is Zoned

Naturally, if you’re planning to build a home, you don’t want to purchase a lot that’s zoned for commercial use. But purchasing a lot for sale in NC goes a little deeper than just making sure you’re purchasing a residentially zoned lot. 

You’ll also need to look into city and town ordinances to make sure that nothing is preventing you from building the home of your dreams. For example, not all areas of NC allow backyard farming. If your dream was to have a chicken coop, you’ll want to make sure you purchase a lot for sale in NC that allows for backyard chicken keeping. 

It’s also important to note if the NC lot you’re looking for is undeveloped or unrestricted. 

While lots like this are attractive for some buyers, it’s good to remember that if your land is unrestricted, your neighbors’ land is probably also unrestricted. You’ll want to take that into account — do you want to build a home only to find that your neighbors have turned their land into a dirt bike track or equestrian park? If you’re hoping to be close to other family homes, an unrestricted or undeveloped lot might not be your best choice.

4. Check For Any Deed Restrictions

Similar to zoning laws and local ordinances, you’ll want to look at the land deed to understand any possible restrictions on the property. Some common restrictions might be building restrictions dues to wetlands or water frontage, restrictions due to governmental regulations, or even liens or easements on the property that could prevent you from building the home you’ve planned. 

This is another key area of purchasing a lot for sale in NC where a real estate professional will come in handy. They’ll be able to help you read through all of the legal documentation surrounding the NC lot you’re looking at, to ensure there are no deed restrictions that will hamper your building process. 

5. What Features Does Your NC Lot Have?

Finally, if you plan to build on your NC lot, it’s important to know going in what features the lot has. If you’re purchasing mountain land, your lot might not yet be connected to city utilities like water, gas, or sewer. Some lots have already had surveys done, while others will require the completion of a survey before you can start building. 

Is there anything unusual on the land? Sinkholes, underground caves, and mining shafts are all fairly common for the area, and you probably don’t want to deal with them if you’re planning to build on the lot. 

There’s quite a lot that goes into buying a lot for sale in NC. Whether you’re looking in the Asheville area, or farther out near the mountains, it’s always good to seek professional help, especially if you’re new to the area. 

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