High Hickory, Admin

The community at High Hickory is focused on protecting and preserving the natural spaces our residents call home. We’ve developed our lots and buildings with the environment in mind, but aim to continue fostering positive environmental awareness as best we can as our community develops.

One great way to connect people to nature is through gardening, which is why High Hickory has worked to incorporate a variety of community gardens into our new development. Community gardening spaces offer a ton of benefits, but we think the five most important are the following:

Grow healthy food

The first, most obvious benefit of a community garden is the healthy nutritious food they produce. Community gardens are great for growing a variety of plants, from herbs to vegetables to potatoes to squashes, but one thing each crop has in common is that they’re all hearty and healthy. Community gardens offer residents the opportunity to cultivate their own produce, and harvest it to be used when it’s fresh. The additional health bonus of a community garden is that you know exactly what went into your plants, there’s no commercial farming mystery. What you harvest is exactly what you’ve grown.

Help reduce stress

Aside from the nutritional benefits, community gardens are a proven way to help people relax and destress. It’s a calming place to retreat outdoors after a busy day at the office staring at a computer screen and taking calls. Community gardens offer residents a quiet sanctuary where they can slow down, relax, and take in the beauty of the nature around them.

Foster community inclusiveness

Community gardens offer a multitude of social benefits as well. They provide a place for all members of the community to convene and get together. Residents from all different backgrounds meet at the community garden to share knowledge of plants, gardening tips, and to discuss what crops might be right for the next season. A community garden is a great way to get to know your neighbors, and fosters a greater sense of community inclusiveness.

Promotes environmental awareness

High Hickory places great value on the care and protection of the beautiful environment around us, and starting and maintaining community gardens is just one of the ways we foster those values. Community gardens remind us how much we need the earth and all of the natural resources the land provides. When we take part in community gardens, we are brought closer to nature and kept aware of the necessity of our natural resources, which promotes better stewardship and care for our environment as it extends outside garden fences. 

Good for your physical health

It’s clear that community gardens provide more nutritious food options for residents, and that they foster positive mental health habits, but they’re also great for your overall physical health. Studies have shown that those who participate regularly in community garden plots are less likely to be obese than those who do not. Scientists assume this is because community garden participants not only tend to eat more healthfully, but they also get more physical activity when gardening regularly, which promotes better cardiovascular health, increased dexterity, and strength building.

Community gardens are an excellent way to take initiative and start growing some of the healthy foods you eat every day, but as you can see, they also offer a ton of additional benefits. From getting to know your neighbors to living a healthier lifestyle, community gardens are a beneficial addition to just about any neighborhood.
At High Hickory, we recognize the many benefits of community gardening, and offer multiple shared garden sites for our residents to participate in. If you’re interested in living in a beautiful mountain community that promotes environmental sustainability and stewardship, then one of our spacious natural lots might be perfect for you. To learn about the High Hickory community, give us a call at 866-936-5263 or request more info online today!