Lately, it seems like everyone’s been saying something about Asheville. Whether your friends just got back from a vacation there, or someone you know just made the move, it’s just one of those cities that’s getting a lot of hype these days. But is it worth the hype? Well, we’re a little biased, but we certainly think so. You don’t have to take our word for it though. Here are 10 reasons why it’s no coincidence that Asheville seems like the next big up and coming city:

#1 The downtown

Asheville is the only city in the U.S. that succeeded in paying off all of its financial debt after the Great Depression. That means Asheville never had the money for the big architectural revolution that took most U.S. cities by storm. Instead of building up massive high rises and new industrial buildings, Asheville was busy paying off their federal debts. Because of that, Asheville proudly maintains its original historic skyline. Asheville claims the most art deco architectural design of any city in the U.S., except Miami, making it a beautiful city to visit.

#2 The food

This one shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but if you’re just hearing about Asheville for the first time, know that it’s a mecca for serious foodies. There really isn’t anything you can’t find in Asheville. From classic slow-smoked bbq to cajun fusion, the city has every type of food you can imagine, and a few that you probably couldn’t. When you live in Asheville, date night’s never boring.

#3 The beer

Voted Beer City USA more than once, Asheville is also a major spot for craft brews. It’s one of the very first cities to get into the now popular trend, and as such, it’s home to some of the original craft brewing companies in the U.S. You’ll recognize names like Highland, the Asheville Brewing Company, and Hi-Wire, but there are at least 15 breweries in central downtown and countless more outside the city limits. If beer’s your thing, it’s obvious to see why Asheville is your next paradise.

#4 It’s the friendliest city

Besides the basics – food, drinks, and things to do, Asheville just has a great vibe. It’s been voted the Friendliest City in the U.S. by Conde Nast Traveler, and made the list again last year, coming in at number 7. Asheville has southern hospitality like nowhere else. Here, people will stop to say hi on the streets, ask you where you’re from, and what your dog’s name is. It’s the type of city people want to call home.

#5 The live music scene

Asheville also has a long tradition of live music that remains popular and active. If you go out for a night on the town, you’ll hardly find a brewery that doesn’t have a live local band playing. The best part? They’re all great! Asheville is located right in the Appalachian mountains, where bluegrass and traditional music have long been king. Today though, you’ll find the younger bands put their own spin on things. And if you’re looking for someone a bit more popular, know that all the big names hit Asheville. From Bob Dylan to Skrillex, Asheville plays host to every music genre and band you can think of.

#6 The art scene

If you’re looking for art and culture, Asheville’s got that too. A hippie city at heart, you’ll want to make sure you check out the River Arts District. It’s a stretch of industrial buildings and warehouses along the river that have all been converted into art galleries. Artists rotate through the galleries every so often, so know that each time you go, you’re sure to see something different.

#7 Unique places to stay and visit

As we mentioned before, Asheville’s downtown is a gorgeous, historic district, which means that all the shops, businesses, restaurants, and hotels in the area are equally unique and beautiful. The Biltmore, for example, is perhaps Asheville’s biggest claim to fame. It’s a massive estate built by the Vanderbilts more than a century ago. Tourists come to visit during the spring for Biltmore Blooms, but it’s a sight to see just about any time of the year. If touristy attractions aren’t your thing, then just head downtown–every restaurant and hotel calls a historic building home, and most have been expertly preserved.

#8 It’s big, but not too big

Asheville is a city, there’s no doubt about that. And it’s continuing to grow. But even as Asheville expands, it maintains its small town feel because of the friendly people who call the city home. When you move to Asheville, you’ll get the best of both worlds: the bustle, the things to do, and the nightlife of a big city, with the comfortable casual feeling of a small town.

#9 The mountains

It’s impossible to talk about Asheville without mentioning the gorgeous scenery surrounding it. Asheville is nestled in a valley within the Blue Ridge Mountains, which means that wherever you are in the city, you can see beautiful, rolling vistas in the distance. Because Asheville is so close to nature, it’s also the perfect place for the outdoorsy. There’s no shortage of trails and rivers for bikers, hikers, campers, and kayakers.

#10 Four seasons; none of them bad

Finally, it’s good to know that Asheville does have four distinct seasons. But what’s interesting is that none of them are bad. The winters are relatively mild, with very few truly freezing days, and the summers aren’t all that hot. While Asheville gets its fair share of bad weather, just like any location, the climate is very mild, making it a comfortable place to live year round.


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